How We Do It: Access Bank Plc

Building and becoming a successful brand takes time and tremendous effort. We know, that is why we are constantly testing the effectiveness and impact of all our branding projects. For Access Bank Plc, we strive not only to create amazing visuals for the bank but also to infuse its core element into its branding and signage.

Access Bank Plc remains pivotal to our growth and success. For over 8 years, we have been part of the story of one of the strongest financial institutions in the country. The stories we create do not end on the signage you see around Access Bank branches, they are indeed moving graphics. They travel the length and breadth of the country soaked in the sub-consciousness of all her customers.

As a foremost financial institution in Nigeria, we realize the huge expectations from management. As such, we stay one step ahead in all our projects we handle on behalf of the bank. One way we are able to meet this huge expectation is by developing and adopting optimum efficiency for all our projects for Access Bank Plc.

The heart of our operation for Access Bank Plc revolves around developing creative concepts that transcend its brand. Fundamentally, we strive to work around creating branding concepts that typify its unique culture, branding concepts that resonate with its customers and concepts that attempt to create unity with its mission and objectives.

Remarkable business relationships are not solely based on profits, they are built on a mutual desire to help each other and a desire to see each other succeed. For us, the questions we normally ask before we embark on any project are; how can our branding help to grow the bottom line of our client? How can our signage help to attract customers? And, how relevant are our signage to the overall business strategy of the client? The answers to these questions are the unique signage elements we see at numerous Access Bank branches nationwide.

At Goldfire, we strive for excellence. We believe this can be gotten from adopting the latest technology that drives efficiency. Our numerous branding and signage projects completed for Access Bank Plc are testimonies of our commitment to serving our clients with only exceptional works. We also believe excellence can be gotten through an open system where creativity is embraced. This system helps to ensure that all are works are unique.

We thank Access Bank Plc for believing in Goldfire. Our relationship with the Access brand has prospered over the years and we will continue to protect it by offering quality and timely services.

Goldfire Nigeria Limited