How We Do It: Oando Plc

With Oando Plc, we found two relationships; a partner and a friend. As a partner, Oando Plc has led
us to some stunning projects over the years. These projects did not only help us grow, but
challenged us to think beyond the norm.

It takes a great deal of commitment to succeed at anything. For us at Goldfire, we are committed to
seeing our clients and partners succeed. Our commitment goes beyond completing projects and
unveiling brands. We strive to make sure we create something remarkable, something that speaks
from the heart.

Early on in our business, we created strong ideals upon which we based our operations. These ideals
have not shifted; they remain core to our success. These guiding principles are not kept in files nor
stored in bookshelves; they are entrenched deeply in our hearts. Ideals like integrity,
professionalism and good faith can never be compromised in all our dealings and have continued to
distinguish us from our competitors. This is the secret of our long lasting relationship with Oando Plc.

For us at Goldfire Nigeria Limited, our strength comes from knowing that high-value brands like
Oando Plc are our partners. This has pushed us to create some amazing works that drew praises
from industry observers. One of the ways we test the strength of our branding is by gauging
reactions from customers. Feedback from customers have shown us that we should
continue to create works that truly inspire the customers. With Oando Plc, we have raised the
standards so high.

Our core competency in brand development is not only what sets us apart from others. We also
pride ourselves on having the best technology and people to execute our projects. Our technology
strategy involves acquiring top of the line tools and machinery that maximize performance and
output while our management strategy is built on developing an ecosystem where creativity and
professionalism are nurtured.

We have come this far in our goal to become one of the biggest branding and signage companies in
Nigeria through progressive clients like Oando Plc. We will continue to foster this relationship
through hard work, dedication and remarkable results. We appreciate Oando Plc for the patronage
over the years and we cannot but continue to making magic for the Oando brand.

Goldfire Nigeria Limited